Welcome to the era of privatized Space Stations 🙂

This work address the issue of constructing Space stations and ships for future space exploration around the earth or into deep space.  It applies architectural design thinking on the space stations structure and uses reliable and existing technologies to do so.

Space Station and Method of Assembly

1. The folded space stations Structure (126), Core (122) and assembly robot (121) are brought into LEO (low earth orbit) by a launch vehicle and an orbiter.
2. The folded structure and assembly robot are deployed to space
3. The assembly robot engage the structure and unfolds it until its final position
4. Nodes and modules are added as well as solar arrays radiators and all necessary life support machinery.
Many thanks to M.Sc. Irene Lia Schlacht and to Mr. Ramesh Kompella
Technische Universität Berlin 2010


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